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CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development – Social responsibility – Climate measures – Better environment




Lodilo AB contributes to a sustainable world in its internal activities as well as in the work for its clients.



Action taken in the daily business


It has always been an integrated part in the business of Lodilo to take environmental action:


- Reducing the number of printouts

- Using power-saving mode and/or closing down computer and other apparatus when not in use

- Using computers and other equipment for as long a period as possible

- Recycling and reusing objects as much as possible

- Financing wind energy via the owner of the company

- Declining jobs with a content that is not socially or environmentally sustainable

- To give a possibility of discounts for non-profit organisations

- Asking for environmentally sound and energy saving computer equipment when purchasing new items

- To keep the business free from flying


In the latest years further measures have been introduced:


- A gradual transition to LED-lighting

- Protecting rain forests or supporting a sponsored child instead of Christmas gifts for clients

- More consistent transition to jobs with a sustainable content

- Purchasing a printer with an environmental certification