This is me, Eva Gustavsson


I live in Linköping, Sweden, with my husband, Tomas Johansson, and our two children, Anna and Vilman. We live in a house with a garden and we spend a great deal of our free time growing tasty fruits and vegetables in our garden, apples, plums, grapes, paprika, blackberries etc. We have our office at home, and here I work in the mornings and most afternoons. Tomas is a chemist and at times he has given his contribution to our translation business when texts on chemistry has been the issue.

Before I started my translation business, I worked with transport and environment research for 11 years. I am an engineer with a Masterīs degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, and I have also completed several other university courses, for example Spanish, French, Geography and Art history. I have always taken delight in foreign languages and now I work with it on a daily basis.

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